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Art Career, Research, and Art Classes, oh my!

I wouldn't be surprised if I had used this title before. I begin to lose track of the time since I'd last shared my moments or thoughts with you all. My art career has been shuttering over the years as I've focused primarily on my scientific/clinical career. So much is going on and right now as I begin the process of my doctoral research in an effort to acquire my PhD, I'm reminded of how much I needed my art. It's been shelved, revisited, shelved, and revisited. You'll see all the fresh and bright new work I created last year as I set the intention to return to it. It's slowly coming back.

I think the one component I've been missing to this experience is the sharing of my thoughts in the process.

I used to blog on a daily basis, sometimes vlogging in addition. Before Youtube, it was my way of sharing my new work or presenting an idea. Now, it's TikTok where I present processes, ideas, and advice. Truthfully, I've shelved that for a minute as my other work has been overwhelming. Let's not forget the third little child I've brought into the world in the last 4 (soon 5) years!

I have so much going on with my new venture, Canvas and subsequent coursework/art classes that I'm delivering to others. I am expanding my independent therapeutic services soon, which incorporate the art process. I can't wait to show you.

But for now, I'm just giving you the heads up that I'm here. I'm planning the next year's work and will be focusing more attentively to my artwork.

You'll see updates on this site as well as my Canvas site as I begin to try to fuse the two. My career as a scientist-practitioner, therapist, and artist will join as my mission becomes more clear.

Would love to hear what you'd like to see in the upcoming months!


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