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New Art collection release in November

This fall has been really busy. I've received IRB approval, which means my study proposal is accepted and it's ready to be executed. This is one of the final pieces of my PhD, which is a huge relief for me. I've been in grad school for nearly 7 years now, and I'm ready to be done. It will mean more time to focus on my passions which are of course ART, teaching, and writing. I've had a few fiction books on the back burner for YEARS. I'm excited to get into that process with the extra time. And painting is going to become more consistent. I have been missing my daily painting. I visited the Detroit Institute of Arts (FINALLY) last month, which invigorated my aspirations. It's been tough juggling my two careers.

Upcoming Artwork Release

I will be working on a full, new collection of original artworks and prints that will be released. The tentative date is NOVEMBER 1st, 2023. I will release several artworks directly here on my site. Collectors that are subscribed to my mailing list will get first-hand access to acquire the works before it goes live on the date.

With the way my work schedule is and working on my PhD, time is very constrained. I've had to reapproach how I release originals, and this is going to be the best way. Original works will no longer be available on third-party sites, so I can eliminate service & shipment barriers.

My new series will include new arbor pieces ("Jeweled Trees", "Willow Trees", etc) as well as botanicals and abstracts. This includes large scale canvas, small works, and drawings. I will be documenting the process of this new collection on my TikTok account and Instagram. I hope you will follow along with me!

Be sure you are subscribed!

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